Want to finally learn how to market your compound pharmacy to doctors and patients? Check out the programs below!


From the Doctor's Mouth

If you have been wondering how to market to doctors, wonder no more! This audio and PDF packet will teach you what you need to know to market to doctors, and you will learn it directly from a doctor!

Virtual Marketing Workshop

Do you need some hand holding as you navigate the marketing waters? Would you like to be able to ask tons of questions and get answers to your specific issues? Are you looking for someone who can help you with not just marketing to doctors but also social media and website design and more? The Rx for Compound Marketing Workshop is the choice for you. This 5 week, 10 session course is perfect for the pharmacist or marketer who needs one on one help with marketing their compound pharmacy. You will learn how to create an action marketing plan you'll actually follow, how to talk with the office staff, how to get doctors to write compounds, how to do in- store marketing, how to design your website and drive traffic to it and so much more! This workshop will offer live and recorded sessions, transcripts for each call, 3 Q&A sessions and 2 - 45 minute private coaching sessions.

Virtual One on One Coaching

One one One coaching is perfect for the pharmacist who wants a customized marketing help. This time is devoted just to you. No groups or waiting until the Q&A session to get questions answered. This is the perfect choice for he pharmacist who is getting started and needs to put together a marketing plan. Or to train a marketer who needs more hands one personal attention. The session is for 8 hours and is broken down into 16 -30 minute sessions to be used over a 6 month period. This is customized for you so the pace and agenda are set by you as well. Though I have an agenda that I will use this program gives you freedom to learn, ask and grow at your pace.