Q&A With Renee

Renee Moore, MBA, CPhT
Much Moore Marketing, LLC

Q&A with Renee

So Renee, How did you get started in this industry?

I started out working for a nuclear pharmacist as a nuclear chemist. During the time I was there, I was exposed to too much radiation, so they moved me to Regulatory Affairs. It was a very boring desk job and I longed to be doing something else preferably with people and variety. During my time there, I joined Toastmasters for public speaking. It was a great way to meet new people and to improve my speaking and listening skills.

Eventually the company I worked for went bankrupt and the company was bought out. We had to interview for our jobs. When I went in, the manager asked me if being in Regulatory Affairs was the best use of my time. I said no i belonged in Sales and Marketing. I expected that they would place me in that department but instead I along with about 75 other people were laid off within the following week.

The day I was laid off, I had to give a speech for Toastmasters and I didn’t have anything prepared. I decided to make up a speech right then and there about how I had just been laid off. It turned out that one of the members of Toastmasters was a compounding pharmacist and he offered me a job that night to market his pharmacy.

I had no idea what that meant but I made it my mission to learn as much as I could about marketing and customized medications as I could. It proved to be worthwhile. I learned so much and I help them to nearly triple their business. A few years later, PCCA hired me to teach other pharmacists  how to market their pharmacies more effectively.

I now work on my own so I really do understand what it takes to build a business as an entrepreneur and what it takes to build a business as a marketer for a compounding pharmacy.


Who do you work with?

I work with pharmacists who make customized medications. They are typically very good at what they do but just haven’t been taught how to effectively market their practice. 


I’ve had a salesperson work with me, how are you different?

I go into more depth than the sales staff has time to do. My programs are customized for your pharmacy. I eat sleep and breathe marketing so I am constantly giving my clients the latest strategies that WORK for your pharmacy. This is all I do so I am 100% focused on marketing and increasing your business.

Additionally, I don’t just tell you what to do, I do it FOR you!  For example, if you need a website, I have a person on my team that designs websites, understands search engine optimization and how to attract patients to your site and convert them to leads that you can market to them. If you want to start doing Facebook or sending out newsletter to your patients, I’ll write the posts for Facebook or the content for your newsletter and send it for you at a scheduled time. The benefit to this service is that it saves you time to work on your business rather than hunting for a web designer or learning the ins and outs of how to use social media.

My Get More Compounds System works with your mindset about marketing and works through the process into how you introduce yourself at networking events, how to plan and implement seminars for patients, how to develop a 10 step action marketing plan and track your results, how to get your prescribers to write prescriptions, and how to get testimonials from your patients among other things.

I worked as a compounding technician and as a marketer for a compounding pharmacy for 3 years and I worked as a marketing coach for PCCA for 5 years. My expertise is working with pharmacists all over the US from small rural cities like Mt. View, AR to big cities like San Francisco, CA and NY, NY.I have also worked with pharmacies in Canada and Australia.  This means that I know how to reach your doctors and patients no mater what size city your are in.


I have tried other forms of marketing and advertising, how are you different?

Most compounding pharmacists  have done some type of advertising such as an ad in a publication or fliers. This is actually one of the least effective ways to market since people don’t know you yet and they are not sure what you do. My approach is to help you first get you into the mindset that marketing is essential to growing your business, help you carve out time to market your business and then make sure that all of your marketing is integrated and automated.


Who do you work best with?

I work best with compounding pharmacists who are serious about increasing their business.

I work best with compounding pharmacies that are filling between zero and 50 compounds per day. I prefer to work with new compounding pharmacies or with pharmacies that have been in business for years but have hit a plateau and want to increase their business.

I enjoy working with all types of alternative healthcare professionals and holistic healthcare practitioners. Although my expertise is with compounding pharmacists, I work well with holistic practitioners too because I approach marketing from the customer’s viewpoint. Because I am not technically in the industry I can help you craft a clear, concise message for your audience free of industry jargon yet very attractive to your target audience.

I enjoy working with people who won’t fight me on my suggestions. I have you best interest at heart.  That is not to say that I am always right (I’m human after all) but I have been doing this successfully for over 13 years. I am not going to tell you to do things that will cost you a great deal of money with little return.

The Get More Compounds System is designed to help get you more business. The system is simple and easy to follow.


Who does this program NOT work for?

This program is not designed for the pharmacist who is financially desperate and expects to see results in a few days. When someone is worried about paying the bills, they tend not to trust the suggestions and begin to haphazardly market without a plan.

It is not designed for the person who does not have dedicated time to market their pharmacy or practice. You don’t have to have a full time marketing/sales person but you do need to carve out at least 1-2 days per week to focus on your marketing.

If that is the case and it is OK if it is, please do these things first:
Sign up for my monthly webinars on my website.

Sign up for my FREE 1derful Wednesdays Marketing Tip Videos on YouTube.

Check out my Compound Pharmacy Marketing podcast.

Finally, check out some of the products in my online store such as From the Doctors Mouth: Secrets from a Doctor on How to Market to Doctors.

Doing these things will get you primed for the one on one coaching. I’m in no rush and will be here when you are ready to get started.

What can I expect?

  • An Action Marketing plan to keep your marketing consistent rather than haphazard and scattered.
  • A tracking mechanism for your marketing activities
  • Recorded calls of our sessions and all documents for you to access and use whenever you need them.
  • Learn how to get next to the gatekeeper and office manager so that you can get in to see your prescribers quicker
  • Learn how to ask the right questions to get your doctors and prescribers writing compounds for you quicker
  • Learn how to network effectively
  • Learn how to reach your ideal target market
  • Set up follow up systems to make your marketing run more smoothly


Do you have testimonials?

Yes. Please go to testimonials page to view what  others have said about working with me.


How long will it take before I see an increase in my business?

This depends upon how much time you are willing to devote to your marketing. I am going to give you all the tools that you need to be successful. If you can only devote 1 day a week to marketing, it may be a slower growth than someone who is devoted to marketing 5 days a week. If you are diligent with the system and call or email me when you need help or get stuck then you will experience success. I will always give you suggestions based on what I know works. If I suggest that something may not be the best method and you proceed with that method, I will respect your decision, however, realize that your growth may not be what you expected.

OK I’ve read enough, how do I work with you?

Congratulations! I am very excited that you have decided to make marketing your practice a priority.

I have several options.

If you are new to compounding or have a new marketer that you need trained, I’d recommend that you start with the Get Moore Compounds Bootcamp or the Get More Compounds School of Marketing. These programs are self paced and/or group learning workshops. They are downloadable and available for all who work in your pharmacy.

If you want some one on one time of marketing with visits to your physicians, then you may want to do the Virtual Full ( or Half) Day Marketing Makeover Day with Renee. You’ll get 8 hours of coaching time to be used in 30, 45, or 60 min increments.  During our time together, we will design a 6 month marketing plan, write your elevator pitch, discover your unique selling proposition, design a follow-up program and visit your physicians.

If you want personalized attention plus webinars access to my monthly tips newsletter and an onsite visit (compounding pharmacists only), then you want the VIP Get Your Doctors to Write More Compounds on site  program. This program allows you total access to me for a very reasonable price.

OK, I know which program I want. How do I get started?

Great! Did you know that the most prominent characteristic of successful people is that they are decisive and know how to take action right away?
Successful people take calculated risks and move forward towards their success. They are not afraid to invest in themselves in order to move to the next level.  With that being said, if this feels right for you, then let’s get started!

Here’s what you need to do. Email me at renee@compoundpharmacymarketing.com and I will get you started towards the path of marketing success.

I’m not sure I am ready to get started, can I sample your work at a low cost to see if it’s right for me?

Yes, you can sign up for my Get More Compounds weekly newsletter, my 1derful Wednesdays weekly videos  featured on IJPC.com and you can also tune into my weekly podcasts where I discuss a variety of marketing topics pertinent to your business.


I look forward to helping you grow your compound  pharmacy. If you have questions chat with me online or leave a message in my chat box on my website page.

Happy Marketing!

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