What’s Your Biggest Marketing Challenge?

This week's blog is a simple one. I just want to do a short survey to find out what's your biggest marketing challenge. Just click the link to submit your answer. Thank you!   Read more

Episode 021: April Marketing Holidays | Compound Pharmacy Marketing

It's April! The weather is finally warming up and that means pollen and ALLERGIES. So this week, I am going to write my post rather than record it because otherwise you would hear me sneezing every few minutes and I'd never make it through the podcast. So this week, I'm sharing with you several April Read more

Episode #019: Offbeat Holidays for March | Compound Pharmacy Marketing

March is here and you may be trying to figure out what o do as far as marketing is concerned. There aren't any real holidays in March but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate some off beat holidays in March. In this week's podcast, I share with you some holidays you can celebrate in March and use to Read more

Episode 017: 5 In-store Marketing Ideas to do While It’s Cold & Snowy | Compound Pharmacy Marketing

If you are like me here in Washington, DC, you are probably either dealing with a lot of snow or dealing with insanely cold 0-20 degree temperatures. Either way, you probably don’t want to go outside to visit a doctor until sandal weather comes  So I’m going to share with you 5 in-store marketing ideas you Read more

Episode #016: Do You Have a Mobile Friendly Website?

Have you ever checked out a website, maybe a restaurant or other venue while on your phone and realized that you can barely read the type? Or worse it has flash and you have no idea what's on the page (this applies to iPhone users). Or maybe you can see the site but you have to keep scrolling back and forth Read more

Episode #015: 9 Healthcare Apps for Patients | Compound Pharmacy Marketing

Mobile apps are becoming even more popular in the healthcare industry. There are dozens of apps for doctors and pharmacists to use as a reference. And now there are a great deal of apps for patients as well. As part of your marketing efforts consider gifting healthcare apps to your patients who may be looking Read more

Episode #014: Want More Patients? | 1derful Wednesday

It's the end of the year and you are probably taking a look back at this year to see if you ave accomplished your goals. Did you reach that weight loss goal? Learn a new language? Get as many new patients as you would have liked? If you answered no to the last question or even if you didn't and just want more Read more

Who’s On Your Website | 1derful Wednesday | Compound Pharmacy Marketing

Using an opt-in box on your website will allow you to know who is on your website. This week I'll show you several reasons to add an opt-in box to your site. But the best reason is that you will know who has been visiting your website. Check out this week's video to learn more about the importance of opt-in Read more

SEO Simplified| 1derful Wednesday | Compound Pharmacy Marketing

Have you heard a lot about SEO but not sure what it is or how it works? Are you paying someone hundreds if not thousands of dollars to do SEO on your website but not sure if it’s working? Check out this week's video for 3 tips on increasing SEO and driving traffic to your website. Read more

5 Appointment Schedulers | 1derful Wednesday | Compound Pharmacy Marketing

Is scheduling appointments for your patients becoming overwhelming? Do they come unprepared and still need to fill out forms before you can start working? What if you could have everything you needed on your website in one place? Patients could make appointments from your scheduler, fill out forms and even Read more