What’s Your Biggest Marketing Challenge?

This week's blog is a simple one. I just want to do a short survey to find out what's your biggest marketing challenge. Just click the link to submit your answer. Thank you!   Read more

Episode #020: The Biggest Fear | Compound Pharmacy Marketing

Research shows that public speaking is the number one fear of most people. And number two is death. So most people would rather die than give a speech! If you are like me and enjoy public speaking, this statistic is confounding. But public speaking is not the fear I am referring to. There is a bigger fear Read more

Episode 017: 5 In-store Marketing Ideas to do While It’s Cold & Snowy | Compound Pharmacy Marketing

If you are like me here in Washington, DC, you are probably either dealing with a lot of snow or dealing with insanely cold 0-20 degree temperatures. Either way, you probably don’t want to go outside to visit a doctor until sandal weather comes  So I’m going to share with you 5 in-store marketing ideas you Read more

Episode #014: Want More Patients? | 1derful Wednesday

It's the end of the year and you are probably taking a look back at this year to see if you ave accomplished your goals. Did you reach that weight loss goal? Learn a new language? Get as many new patients as you would have liked? If you answered no to the last question or even if you didn't and just want more Read more

Episode #010: 7 Lessons I Learned About Marketing While Biking | 1derful Wednesday

My mom had a stroke last month. She was in the hospital for nearly 6 weeks. I finally got her transferred over to George Washington Rehab Hospital to start getting her better. Once I got her all checked in, I went back to get my car and go home only to discover that the parking was $22! I decided right then Read more

Episode #009: 7 Mistakes Marketers Make When Marketing to Doctors | 1derful Wednesday podcast

When I started marketing years ago, there wasn't a lot of training for us. So we made a lot of mistakes and learned through trial and error. As I began to go out and see doctors with clients I began to see some of the mistakes I made and wanted to help them avoid those. So this week, I am discussing 7 Read more

Episode #008: I Just Can’t Get Past the Gatekeeper

Of all the questions I receive on a regular basis, this is probably one of the most popular ones: How do I get past the gatekeeper? (or window witch as I have affectionately heard her called LOL) Well in this podcast I will share with you some ways on getting not just past her but next to her so she can Read more

Episode #007 : How to market topical creams and gels

This week I received a question about marketing topical creams and gels to doctors. For me this is not different than marketing other compounding products. The key is to find out the doctor's needs and how what you have can fit into their practice. Check out the podcast to learn more about marketing topical Read more

1derful Wednesday | What Do I Wear | Compound Pharmacy Marketing

This week I received a question that I get quite often when coaching clients. What do I wear when i visit the doctor's office? well there are a few choice. You can wear suit/ dress, lab coat or scrubs. In this week's podcast I'll discuss which one could be best for you. Welcome to the Compound Pharmacy Read more

What not to say to doctors | 1derful Wednesday | Compound Pharmacy Marketing

I am often asked what can I say or not say to doctors when marketing to them. Fortunately, IACP has some great talking points on what can you say and what should you not say to doctors to make sure you stay on the right side. Read more