Episode #007 : How to market topical creams and gels

This week I received a question about marketing topical creams and gels to doctors. For me this is not different than marketing other compounding products. The key is to find out the doctor's needs and how what you have can fit into their practice. Check out the podcast to learn more about marketing topical Read more

1derful Wednesday | What Do I Wear | Compound Pharmacy Marketing

This week I received a question that I get quite often when coaching clients. What do I wear when i visit the doctor's office? well there are a few choice. You can wear suit/ dress, lab coat or scrubs. In this week's podcast I'll discuss which one could be best for you. Welcome to the Compound Pharmacy Read more

Episode #006: How Do I Get More Visitors to My Website?

This week one of my listeners asked me about his website. He wanted to know how to get more traffic and visitors there so he could get more bang for his buck! Reasonable question I think. Listen to this week's podcast as I share with you how to make your website awesome and get more visitors there. In this Read more

Episode #005: Common Problems in Compound Pharmacy

Having been in compounding for almost 15 years I have seen a lot of great stuff happen. I have seen doctors embrace compounding, I have seen pharmacies market and thrive which has been so wonderful. But I have also seen a few problems in compound pharmacies. In this episode I'll discuss: What to leave Read more

Episode #004: Should You Hire That Person to Market Your Compound Pharmacy?

You're a compounding pharmacists who just opened the doors of your new state of the art customer pharmacy with a wealth of knowledge and no idea how to market your pharmacy. You quickly figure out that you don't have time or don't enjoy marketing so you hire someone to market for you. But are you hiring the Read more

Episode #003: 17 Specialty Practices You Should Be Marketing To

Have you gotten stuck in a rut of marketing to the same doctors: pain management, OB/GYN and family practice? Are you frustrated that you aren't seeing better results? Maybe it's time to step it up and market to other specialty practices. This week I'll share with you 17 specialty doctors you should be Read more

Episode #002: Changing Times in Marketing Your Compound Pharmacy

When I started marketing in 2000, technology was nothing like it is today. Take advantage of the tools available such as social media, Google and smart phones and tablets. Use these tools to get your pharmacy out to the doctors and patients who need to know about your services.   Read more

Episode #001: 3 Stages of Marketing to Doctors

Compound Pharmacy Marketing Podcast Episode #1 3 Stages of Marketing 1.Pre- call • Do a drive-by and make sure you know where the office is located and the best route to get there • Meet with the receptionist or office manager • Find out what insurance they take: medicaid, medicare, private insurance, Read more