Episode #018: Recipe for Social Media Success | Compound Pharmacy Marketing

There is so much to know and choose when it comes to social media success. First there are a ton of platforms from which to choose. Should you do Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube? The answer lies in where your audience is. Depending upon how your audience likes to engage online, you can choose a platform Read more

Episode #014: Want More Patients? | 1derful Wednesday

It's the end of the year and you are probably taking a look back at this year to see if you ave accomplished your goals. Did you reach that weight loss goal? Learn a new language? Get as many new patients as you would have liked? If you answered no to the last question or even if you didn't and just want more Read more

Episode #011: 3 Shortcuts to Using Social Media | 1derful Wednesday

So many people tell me they just don't have time for social media. In this podcast, I'll share with you 3 shortcuts to make posting to social media easy peasy! Read more

7 Ways to Use Facebook to Market | 1derful Wednesday | Compound Pharmacy Marketing

Many pharmacists have asked me why should they spend time marketing their pharmacy on Facebook. I know it can seem like just one more thing to do. But Facebook has over 1 billion users so the truth is your customers are bound to be there. This week I'll share with you 7 Ways to Use Facebook to Market Your Read more

Email Marketing Plans | 1derful Wednesday | Compound Pharmacy Marketing

Last week, I talked about why you should add email marketing as a part of your marketing your compound pharmacy to patients and doctors. This week, I want to share with you some email marketing programs to make it easier for you to implement it into your business. Check out this week's video to learn about Read more

1derful Wednesday | Outgoing Messages | Renée Yvonne | Compound Pharmacy Marketing

Have you ever considered using your outgoing voice mail message as a marketing tool? No? Well check out this week's 1derful Wednesday and learn what you can do to make this free tool more useful for your compound pharmacy. Hi everyone. It's Renée Yvonne with CompoundPharmacyMarketing.com and today is Read more

1derful Wednesday | Using Social Media | Renée Yvonne

This week I answer a question from one of my readers. The question is do I need to use social media? Watch the video below to see how to use it to market your pharmacy.   Hey everyone this is Renée Yvonne with www.compoundpharmacymarketing.com and today is 1derful Wednesday. 1derful Wednesday is Read more

3 Customer Relationship Management Tools for Marketers

When I first started marketing, online tools to track doctors and their contact information were not very prevalent. All of the systems were limited to one computer. Many pharmacists were asking for reports of what doctors the marketer had seen, so marketers would create report sheets in Excel or Word and Read more

3 Ways to Use Video in Your Compound Pharmacy

If you have not been using video to promote your practice/pharmacy you may be missing out on driving traffic to your site. Since Google bought YouTube in 2006, they have consistently promoted its brand. For those who may not be familiar with YouTube, it is a video hosting site (and the second largest search Read more

5 Ways to Use Foursquare in Your Pharmacy

On Monday, I talked about what foursquare is and how this social media app is one that can help you get new customers and keep the ones you have already. well today I am going to discuss 5 Ways to Use  Foursquare in Your Pharmacy. Encourage your customers and patients to check in when they come to the Read more