Episode #008: I Just Can’t Get Past the Gatekeeper

Of all the questions I receive on a regular basis, this is probably one of the most popular ones: How do I get past the gatekeeper? (or window witch as I have affectionately heard her called LOL)

Well in this podcast I will share with you some ways on getting not just past her but next to her so she can help you get in to see the doctor.

If you want more great ideas on how to get next to the gatekeeper, check out my webinar on Getting Past the Gatekeeper for just $10! You can’t beat that.  Enjoy this week’s podcast and let me know how my suggestions work for you.

Welcome to the Compound Pharmacy Marketing podcast. The place where you’ll learn how to get more doctors to write more compounds so you can make more money with your business. Let’s get started with this week’s podcast by welcoming your host, Renee Yvonne.
Hi everyone. It’s Renee Yvonne with CompoundPharmacyMarketing.com and today is 1derful Wednesday. I want to welcome you to the 1derful Wednesday podcast. This is episode #8 and today I have a little quiz for you just to see what your answer would be. So the quiz today is when you go into a doctor’s office and the gatekeeper tells you that they do not see reps do you a) let them know that you are not a pharmacy rep, b) pretty much ignore that and try to get in to see them anyway, c) do you leave feeling rejected and decide that you’re never going to go out and market again, or d) do you get creative and figure out a way to get in and see the Doctor anyway. Well I’m pretty sure if you’re like most marketers you’ve probably done a little bit of all of those at some point, but I want to focus on actually the answer which is D. Get creative and figure out a way to see the Doctor anyway.
For example, you may want to explain that you aren’t a pharmacy rep, but also explain who you actually are and that is a marketer and/or a pharmacist for a particular compound pharmacy and more importantly you want to let them know why you’re there. That’s the biggest thing is that sometimes we think we can just go in and see the Doctor and they’re just going to be thrilled to see us, but the reality is you need to take some time and figure out what is it that I’m there for and let them know. Maybe you’re there to introduce the pharmacy, maybe you’re there to let them know that you just opened up a sterile lab, maybe you’re there to let them know that you’re brand new to the pharmacy and you’re going to be the face of the pharmacy from now on. You could be there, as most of us are, to introduce a new compound to them. Maybe you just want to find out what the procedure is for meeting with the Doctor, but first and foremost you need to create a really strong why, why you just showed up there today and that way they can work with you and they can figure out what they need to do. Sometimes you can just be really honest and say, “I need your help. I’m brand new to marketing and part of my job is to get in and see Physicians and talked to them about compounding. How would I go about doing that in an office like this?” Now even if they tell you that they don’t see reps you have explained that 1) You’re not a pharmacy rep up front. So if they’re listening they will more than likely let you in, but 2) you’re also trying to find out what’s their process. What is the procedure for meeting with them?
Now another way that you may see doctors when they’re not seeing reps, even when they say that, is to show up with goodies and by goodies I mean some type of food. Rarely have I been to an office that is on, pick a diet: South Beach, Paleo, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and I bring in something sweet that they don’t eat it. So even though they say that they will typically eat something sweet so I have done ice cream socials. I’ve brought in homemade cobbler. You could do cupcakes. You could just bring in Starbucks if you want. Bring it in during the midday slump. That’s somewhere between 2:00 and 4:00 PM and let them know that you’re just there to share this with them and that you’d like a few minutes with the Physician and this way kind of gets you around that whole we don’t see reps thing.
Now the other thing you can do is to talk with a receptionist, the office manager, or their nurse practitioner, or the Physician’s assistant and sometimes these are even better than talking to the Doctor because they really are seeing the patients and are spending a bit more time with them more than likely than the Physician is. So this is another creative way to get around doctors don’t see reps anymore.
So hopefully you’ve gained some insight at how to be a little creative if you come up against that. Now I have a couple of suggestions for you if you enjoyed this particular podcast and the suggestions I’ve listed. If you want to know more about how to get past the gatekeeper and get in to see the Doctor I’m going to invite you to check out on my resources page at CompoundPharmacyMarketing.com/Resources you’ll see a link for webinars and if you click on that I have a webinar available on how to get past the gatekeeper. You can check that out over there.
The other way you can find out even more about how to get past the gatekeeper is join me for my live workshop, “Rx for Compound Pharmacy Marketing” workshop. It started last Monday, but everything is being recorded so don’t feel like you have to be there. If you do miss a day or if you can’t make it at the 8:00 PM time no worries. I record everything. I upload all the files so you’ll always be able to get it. So you’re not just learning how to get past the gatekeeper, but you’ll also learn what to say to doctors, patients, how to follow up with them, how to do social media with them, everything is being included in this and you can find out more about that on my website as well.
And last but not least if you really enjoyed this podcast or if you have a question that you’d like me to answer on this podcast please go ahead and submit your question on my website, again at CompoundPharmacyMarketing.com. On the front page you’ll see a little section that says ask a question and I’d be happy to answer your question right here on 1derful Wednesday podcast.
In the meantime, I’m Renee Yvonne with CompoundPharmacyMarketing.com wishing you a 1derful Wednesday. Bye.

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