Episode #019: Offbeat Holidays for March | Compound Pharmacy Marketing

March is here and you may be trying to figure out what o do as far as marketing is concerned. There aren’t any real holidays in March but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate some off beat holidays in March.

In this week’s podcast, I share with you some holidays you can celebrate in March and use to market to your doctors and patients.

National Caffeine Awareness Month– bring coffee by the offices to get in to see doctors

Canada Prescription Month

3/3 Pound cake / cold cuts day– Take by homemade pound cake or sandwiches to doctors’ offices as thank you gifts or for meetings with the doctor

3/5 National Salesperson Day– Celebrate the marketer in your life. Let them know how much you appreciate them pounding the pavement daily to bring in business

3/6 Dentist Day– Schedule your meetings with dentists on this day and take by lunch and some compounds they can prescribe. Need help with that? Buy the How to Market to Dentists Webinar and get formulas plus ideas on how to market to dentists.

3/11 No Smoking Day– Share your compounds for helping patients quit smoking cigarettes. Also share this with your doctors and dentists who are helping patients to quit as well.

3/19 Client’s Day or Patient Appreciation Day– Make sure you show the people who pay you daily how much they mean to you this month ( and every month if you can)

3/22 Single Parent’s Day– Use this day to celebrate all parents and share with them the benefits of compounding perhaps via a one page handout. Then they can share that with their pediatricians.

3/23 Puppy Day– Market compounds specifically for dogs to your veterinarians and a one page handout to the pet owner explaining the benefits of compounding for their pet

3/30 Doctor’s Day– Obviously market to your doctors. All of them. Need help learning to market to doctors in specialty practices? Check out the How to Market to Specialty Practice Webinars I have for sale. You can choose from pediatrics, veterinary, dermatology, oncology, family practice and dentists.

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